Tuesday, 28 September 2010

This month I was mostly...

Waterfall hunting!

Catrigg Force, Stainforth, Settle
This was a right beauty. It had two levels to it which my camera didn't do justice to. The upper level was shrouded in its own mist (the white glow at the top) which added to the mystical atmosphere of this wonderful secret and secluded little corner of the world.

After further investigation we discovered another waterfall in the Settle area. This one much larger and generally more impressive apart from the lethally slippy rocks surrounding it. We visited this one after heavy rainfall and it was roaring!

Scaleber Force, Settle

If I was a zombie....

There's a really banal but addictive computer game I've been hooked on for a couple of weeks called Plants Versus Zombies. Its very simple, you have zombies attacking your back yard which are killed by planting various plants which can shoot peas etc to defend the house or they'll come in and eat your brains. Lovely. Found a zombie creator though so I made a self portrait!

Whilst I was there I had to make one of the other half-
"Wish she'd get off that stupid game"