Friday, 11 February 2011

An extremely useful tool for those who do what I do

I'm all for sharing useful tips.

With my work, I hand draw the illustration in pencil first then work over it in various thickness's of pens and markers. The work is then scanned and worked over in Photoshop, touching up smudges etc. After this I colour and embellish it with textures using the layer system. One major problem I had prior to successfully colouring my black & white images was erasing all the white so I could use the black line art as the top layer and place everything else underneath it to keep the line work crisp and bold.

I tried magic wanding areas and erasing them, I tried to do it all by hand, it would take hours to erase the white from one illustration. That was until I found this-

Hallelujah! Just load the action and play it on the scanned image layer to be left with a transparent layer containing just your lovely line art. After using this action I tend to defringe then reduce the brightness of the layer to be left with bold lines. Happy days! Try it -> PC White Out by PowerChild

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ok so you asked for colour?

How could I say no to such a sweet face?!
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I have always been much more fascinated with black and white illustration. I find the rawness of it very intriguing and quite powerful. But, I don't draw just for me, I draw for you. And you were right.